OptometristLogo Recently, I  was contacted by a group of optometrists  from London, Ontario. They’d seen –  and admired – my portraits  illustrating ‘The Lunch’, a corporate interview feature  run every weekend in the Globe and Mail, Canada’s National newspaper.  They were looking to have the six of them rendered in that style for use  on their re-designed website, as and in- office gallery and for use in promotional material. The project was a delight. They provided good photographs and left me to it. After the pencil versions were submitted, minimal changes were requested. The final colour work  went well. I was pleased with the results and they were very much so.

“You definitely achieved a serious WOW factor!  They’re really great!” ….Dr. Dave White.

The optometrists at Westmount/Glencoe are;

Dr. Alice Lennox

Dr. Alice Lennox

Dr. Ashley Firby

Dr. Ashley Firby


Dr. David White

Dr. Ryan Bohnert.

Dr. Ryan Bohnert

Dr. Paul Coates

Dr. Paul Coates


Dr .Tim Wilbee

June 11, 2014

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Christian Vachon is Head of Collections Management at the McCord Museum in Montreal.

He is a  good guy and a good friend to Canadian cartooning, past and present. As a thank you,( He already has  – and likes!- a caricature  I did of him. ) I drew his portrait ‘straight’, or as realistic as I get. He liked this as well. So much so that he used it as part of his Facebook home page.

Merci. I’m honoured.


NB. The full drawing and source photograph of Christian can be seen  below.


vachonfacebook   Vachon-big-CP  C. VAchon2



A while back, the Globe and Mail newspaper posted a video on how the illustration (and interview) for the weekly Report on Business ‘Lunch’ feature is created. Every Saturday and extended lunch interview with an international CEO, Chairperson or captain of industry is published and illustrated (from photographs) by me.

Please click on the hyperlink. The video is about a minute and a half long. The actual drawing takes four or five hours to finish. The artwork seen happening in the video is a little different than what I now do for ‘The Lunch’. I’ve experimented and improved the look.



April 10, 2014

Buy Doug’s book…

BooksDoug-Thumb    Books2Doug-thumn

I had the  privilege to illustrate Douglas Gibson’s very fine book ‘Stories About Storytellers’.  My line drawings of Canadian literary giants he has edited and published are throughout the book and on the cover. It is now out in paperback and  highly recommended.

To get a copy…         douglasgibsonbooks.com

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